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Twilight Meme...

Twilight Meme....snagged it from a random livejournal.


Which book in the series is your favorite?
How long did it take you to read the books?
Who introduced you to the books?
Did you buy them, borrow them, or have them given to you as a gift?
Are you most looking forward to: Breaking Dawn, Midnight Sun, or the movie?
What’s your dream ending to the series?

Who is your favorite character?
Who’s your favorite vampire?
Who is your favorite werewolf?
What’s one of your favorite quotes from the stories?
What was your favorite Bella and Edward moment?
What was your favorite Bella and Jacob moment?
 How about your favorite Bella and Alice moment?
What was your favorite adventure/battle?
Which book cover was your favorite?
Are these books among your favorite books of all?

This or That?

Twilight or New Moon?
New Moon or Eclipse?
Eclipse or Twilight?
Are you more excited about Breaking Dawn or Midnight Sun?
Midnight Sun or the Twilight Movie?
The Twilight Movie or Breaking Dawn?
Who do you want to see Bella with most: Edward or Jacob?

Who do you like more:

Bella or Edward?
Bella or Jacob?
Bella or Alice?
Alice or Edward?
Alice or Jacob?
Rosalie or Alice?
Jasper or Alice?
Jasper or Edward?
Carlisle or Esme?
Emmett or Jasper
Emmett or Jacob?
Bella or Rosalie?
Esme or Charlie?
Charlie or Carlisle?
Charlie or Billy?
Jacob or Sam?
Sam or Quil?
Quil or Embry?
Who’s the better villain: James or Victoria?
Werewolves or Vampires?

Movie Stuff:

How did you first find out about the movie?
Are you excited?
What do you think of the casting?
Are you going to go see it?
 Planning on going with anyone in particular?
 Do you think it will stay true to the book?

Breaking Dawn Speculation:

Are you planning on buying this book as soon as it’s out?
Do you think Bella will be turned into a vampire finally?
Do you think she and Edward will get married?
Do you think Jacob might imprint in this book?
Who do you think Bella will end up with : Edward or Jacob?
Do you think it will be a happy, sad, or shocking ending?
Who do you think will be the villain(s) of the book this time?
How would you feel about a possible vampire / werewolf cross?
Will Charlie find out Edward is a vampire?
Will the vampires and werewolves continue the truce they had in Eclipse?
If anyone, who do you think will die in this book?
For a twist: what would you think if Edward was somehow turned human?
Do you think Jacob will be over Bella by the end of the book?
What do you most want to happen in Breaking Dawn?
What’s your dream ending?

Fill in the blanks
Edward is_____________
In the end, Jacob will _____________
Carlisle is_____________
The most underestimated character is_______________
The character I'm most like is __________________.
The idea of the Twilight movie is ________________.
In the end Bella will be ___________________.
The thing I hate about Edward is _______________.
Alice ________________________.
When I see a silver volvo_________.
I think ____________ will die in Breaking Dawn.

A Few Last Things...
In which book did you like Bella’s character best?
How about Edward’s?
If it were possible…who would you most want to meet in person?



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Jul. 30th, 2008 10:22 am (UTC)
You, this is strange; I was just a moment ago thinking about making a sister community to the Meme Factory, a fandom one. We could use it for memes like these, and the various HP ones floating around, and keep this one for 'personal' memes to avoid confusion. What do you think? =)
Jul. 30th, 2008 04:33 pm (UTC)
I think that's a good idea.
Aug. 17th, 2008 10:47 pm (UTC)
Kristyyy, your userpic is all kinds of awesome!!
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